Educational Services

To faster the total development to each person in her/his uniqueness. So, that she/he become intellectually alert emotionally, integrated, morally sound, spiritually rooted, justice oriented, culturally, conscious of building the human community caring for ecological balance, thus making our educational centers life-giving and life sharing resource centers.

Vidyodaya School had its humble beginning in the year 1995 at Sethilal Nagar, Karaikal by Sree Narayana Guru Mission Charities Trust. The School is recognized by the Government of Pondicherry and has classes from Pre.K.G. to Standard X currently. Steps are being taken to upgrade the School to the Secondary Level in the coming years according to the norms of the Government. We started with 50 children and at present it is enhanced to 362 children. It functions for the people who really want their children to study well and improve their personality. It approaches on holistic learning that focuses on developing values of responsible citizenship by promoting a healthy environment, hygiene and cleanliness. The basic guarantees everyone the right to self-fulfillment and the right freely to choose the school. Many children want to join this school for the quality of education but due to lack of facility in the building the children couldn’t be given admission more than 400.

Vidyodaya is co-educational English Medium School based on CBSE Syllabus. The medium of instruction in the School in English. Choice is given for second and third language.

Vidyodaya School has produced eight batches of children for the board exam and all the batches have scored high marks with centum results. The school management always co-ordinates with the parents and jointly work for the development of each student as individual.

For the past 9 years (2006 – 2015), we are giving centum result. Year by year, students strength had been increased. Our students are shining in various fields like Engineering, Medicine, Law etc.,

Forth coming next year, we have planned to start the +2 classes for our students. We are in need of infrastructure facility.

The school has kindergarten. The kindergarten is intended to support and supplement the education and upbringing provided by the family and compensated developmental deficiencies in order to afford children a broad range of opportunities for education and development. Children largely learn through play. Children are molded and encouraged by conducting many competitions and programs to exhibit their talents.